EFCA West Church Health Ministries and Services

The EFCA West team helps churches strengthen their leadership community by:

  • helping churches create and sustain healthy and effective leadership teams with organizational systems and structures aligned with each church’s unique vision and strategy.
  • coming alongside churches and leadership teams to encourage and help during times of crisis or transitions such as pastoral staff changes, re-visioning processes, or times of sudden or unanticipated change.
  • providing leadership consultations, training and development for pastors, staff, elders, and ministry leaders.
  • providing a monthly Something to Talk About article in the EFCA West Zipline, our e-mail publication, to help leadership teams navigate conversations about important issues they might otherwise miss having.
  • facilitating the Paterson Center’s StratOp process to help leaders gain strategic clarity regarding the issues currently being faced by the church.

Our ministry is relational, not programmatic or institutional. EFCA churches are autonomous, but we are also interdependent, and no church is ever alone.

Because our ministry is relational, we want to be:

  • someone to talk to
  • someone to provide guidance
  • someone who’s been there before
  • a trusted-friend, third-party, neutral advisor and confidant for developing and implementing strategies for teambuilding among pastors, staff and lay leaders
  • someone to help build bridges between team members
  • someone to help church leaders continuously grow and develop as leaders and followers of Jesus Christ.
  • someone to help church leaders see what might be too close to them to see themselves
  • someone to throw church leaders a lifeline.

Our goal is to help you reach God’s vision and dreams for your local church, and for you to help us do the same for others.

Contact Bob Osborne, Director of Church Health for more information at bob.osborne@efca.org.

Something to Talk About Archives

Something to Talk About Archives

A monthly column by Bob Osborne, Director of Church Health for EFCA West

What Does It Mean to be an EFCA Church?

What Does It Mean to be an EFCA Church?

People often ask what it means to be an Evangelical Free Church. In 2007 the National Ministry Team developed this white paper in an attempt to capture the ethos of EFCA.

Two Books Every Church Should Own

Two Books Every Church Should Own

Churches and pastors need sound, easy to understand, inexpensive advice about everything from the latest changes in tax law to the right way to handle charitable gifts. We recommend two guides by Dan Busby.

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