Pastoral Care & Coaching

The health of a local church is often related to the health of the local church pastor. Pastoral Care and Coaching in EFCA West works primarily through local clusters and one-to-one coaching from seasoned pastors.

Local clusters are located throughout EFCA West. Contact Paul Schliep to locate the cluster nearest you.

Every pastor needs peer encouragement and challenge. Contact Paul Schliep about finding a mentor if you do not already have one.

The senior pastors of EFCA West are encouraged by and prayed for by a team of 20-25 pastors throughout the district who care about their fellow pastors, and their families, and who encourage spirtual and emotional health.

District Leadership

District Leadership

Ministry is best when gift-based. The EFCA West team was selected because of the diversity of their gifts and experience. The team is here to serve and strengthen churches.

Ministry Opportunities in EFCA Churches

Ministry Opportunities in EFCA Churches

Staff openings in EFCA churches.

Zipline Archives

Zipline Archives

A monthly email highlighting ministries around the district and offering links to articles of interest to both paid and volunteer staff and leadership.

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The Zipline is the monthly e-zine of EFCA West. It is designed to help churches to see what other churches are doing as well as share curated articles about issues facing the American church. The Zipline is intended for those in ministry whether elected, volunteer or paid.