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The Problem of Leading: Appointed to Lead or to Please? – October 2019

The Sheep I Don’t Really Know – September 2019

First World Problems – August 2019

Vacation or Accomplishment? – July 2019

Can We Be Trusted – June 2019

It Won’t Happen Here – May 2019

Pervasive Preferences – April 2019

Prayer – March 2019

I Have a Dream. What’s Yours? – February 2019

Improving Our Meetings – Working Better Together – January 2019

Improving Our Meetings – Effective Use of the Agenda – December 2019

Collateral Damage – November 2018

Uninvited Guests – October 2018

Caring Enough for the Church to Care for Its Leaders [repeat] – September 2018

Invisible People – August 2018

Don’t Wear Armor that Does Not Fit – July 2018

Emergency Preparedness – June 2018

Important, but Not Urgent – May 2018

The Leader’s Role – April 2018

Church Discipline – March 2018

Why Unity is NOT a Good Goal – February 2018

Predictable is Preventable – January 2018

Why Don’t Churches Share? – December 2017

Too Busy to be Thankful – November 2017

What We Look for in Our Leaders – October 2017

Race – September 2017

Uphill Dreams and Downhill Habits – August 2017

Vacations: Relationships, Recreation, Rest or Renewal?  – July 2017

Loving Is Harder than Leading – June 2017

What I Learned from Brian – May 2017

We Miss Things When We Don’t Look Around – April 2017

Pastors Are Not Like Beer Cans – March 2017

What Do We Do When Things Go Wrong?-February 2017

Leader Development–Hearer or Doers of the Words-January 2017

Turning the Page–Again-December 2016

Speaking in Tongues-November 2016

The Bobble-head Phenomenon-October 2016

Never Leave Baby Unattended-September 2016

What Do We Look Like?-August 2016

Church Leadership and Convoy Driving-July 2016

Help! I Can’t Get Down!-June 2016

Of Titles and Tasks-May 2016

It Goes Without Saying-April 2016

Sharpening the Saw-March 2016

Missions-the Why, What and How of Support-February 2016

Transparency, Confidentiality, Secrecy – When to Have What? -January 2016

What’s On Our Website-December 2015

The Answer is in the Room-November 2015

DTR: Supervisor or Teammate?-October 2015

Selecting Elders-What Are We Looking For?-September 2015

Same-sex Marriage:  What Should Leaders Do Now?-August 2015

Digital Communications: To Send or Not to Send-July 2015

Caring for Victims, Perpetrators and the Church-June 2015

Focus Isn’t Enough; Check Your Aim-May 2015

Parkinson’s Law (The Answer is in the Room)-April 2015

Why EFCA?-March 2015

First Thoughts When Facing Pastoral Transition-February 2015

Knowing What to do When Stuff Happens-January 2015

One Chance to Get it Right-November 2014

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team-October 2014

Why Don’t We Ask for Help?-September 2014

Are We Using Our Time Wisely?-August 2014

Governance Documents – Friend or Foe?-July 2014

Being Strategic-June 2014

Caring Enough for the Church to Care for Its Leaders-May 2014

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